Angelica Appelman Is Not Letting Us Go Through A “Guilt Trip”

Angelica Appelman "Guilt Trip" Cover Art

Released May 27, Angelica Appelman dropped her second single “Guilt Trip”.

Written between herself, Jessie T, Amanda Kind and producer Matt Koebel, the co-writters drew upon their experience to bring us this incredible track.

“I wanted to write a strong woman anthem to represent a time in my life, or rather a season of my life where I was feeling self-assured and proud of who I was, the accomplishments I had made and my independence. It was a pep talk to myself and a reminder that I don’t have to “meet anyone’s agenda” and I can own who I am and the choices I make,” Appelman told me.

She wants “Guilt Trip” to empower anyone who has ever felt underestimated or silenced. When Appelman meets people she wants to “show people that I am not just one thing and I don’t want to be boxed in, and after some of the challenges I faced in the industry and in my personal life, I really needed this track to remind me of that.”

The 3 Things Angelica Wants Her Listeners To Know About “Guilt Trip”

  1. I really hope that my listeners feel empowered after hearing this song in whatever that means for them!
  2. I really hope that they are encouraged to stay true to who they are and own that strength and power inside of them. 
  3. I really hope that they get off the “guilt trip” that society has placed on us and that they keep going after their dreams, goals etc. without hesitation.

But, if anything, I hope this is a pep talk that they can listen to in order to pick themselves up when they are feeling down or pushed down and it reminds them who the heck they are, like it did for me — that extra boost to keep going, despite the naysayers!

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What’s Next For Angelica Appelman?

Appelman has a few shows coming up and she’s very excited to be with crowds of people! “My favourite part about playing a live show is just how much fun it is to go on stage and do what I love and share it with people who are there to encourage and cheer me on for doing what I love. I especially love the energy exchange and exhilaration that you get from the crowd and how that influences the energy and emotion you put into your performance — just a moment where you are entirely present, sharing your art and your heart with the crowd,” she shares.

June 10 she will be playing at the Rec Room in Mississauga, ON., with Bree Taylor, Nicole Rayy and New Moon Junction. In July she will be playing Suzi Kory’s Love Revolution Festival, and in August, at Nicole Rayy’s All-Woman Harmonia Festival, all with fantastic lineups!

Stay tuned on Appelman’s socials for updates and details about shows and to stay connected!

Stream “Guilt Trip” By Angelica Appelman

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